The power of community

A Mastermind group is a collective of individuals who meet regularly to discuss and brainstorm through challenges and growth in their businesses. Napoleon Hill describes the concept of a mastermind in his book, Think and Grow Rich, saying, “no two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind.”

The power of the collective is harnessed in a mastermind group because everyone gets a chance to come to the table with their thoughts and problems and can expect a collaborative discussion that has them walking away with new ideas, points to ponder, and ways of thinking.


The Art of Follow Up in 5 Simple Steps

As remote professionals, we should all know by now that the first rule of sales is to be authentic. After all, people can sense the difference between working to make a sale and working to serve needs and solve problems. But to close business, you need more than “just” great services and great clients. You need a strong sales process. And, if you practice the art of the follow-up, you’ll set yourself apart from the competition.


Why Online Freelancers Should Offer Test Projects

Congratulations on landing an interview for one of the online jobs you pitched! Whether you’re talking to someone about a new full-time remote gig or taking them on as a new client, getting face time is a huge first step. However, even if after that conversation you feel optimistic about working together, it’s always a good idea for freelancers to offer test projects before committing to a long-term relationship.


Do Your Job Posts Attract The Best Remote Workers?

As it is increasingly clear that remote work is here to stay and there is increasing demand and comfort for professionals to work from anywhere, it’s no secret that companies must be competitive to attract top talent.

Whether hiring for a contract or an employee role, it’s clear that being remote-friendly is the way to go. Many of the best and brightest professionals are comfortable working from home (or wherever they want), and expect to continue working remotely. Several recent studies show that remote workers are happier, stay for longer, and report better productivity.


How to effectively implement a hybrid work model

For hybrid models to work well, leaders must view them as fully remote models and plan their policies and procedures accordingly.

With some team members co-located in the office and others working from remote locations, careful attention to detail is essential to maintaining a healthy workplace culture, having inclusive and clear communication, and maximizing productivity.


Back to the office? Maybe not!

COVID-19 vaccines are distributed daily and the scientific community is optimistic that herd immunity is in our future. This optimism is sparking conversations about getting back to normal, especially at work. For some this is exciting, while others are not ready to dust off their dress-pants, shine their high heels, pack their briefcases, and head to their cubicles.

Will your employer require you to return to the office in person? Whether you're sure that resuming your commute is in your future and you will return to your "old normal," or your answer is "sometimes," or you’re shrugging your shoulders and thinking, "That's a good question..." it's time to reflect on what you want moving forward.


Should I join a coworking community?

Online co-working communities are gaining popularity for a reason: they offer a lot of benefits.

Workers who join this type of community will find themselves with all the resources they need to stay accountable, network online with others in their profession and other professions, share knowledge and ideas, get motivated, or just have someone to talk to when work becomes overwhelming. There are so many reasons to join a virtual co-working community, and these are just a few.


The 5 best ways to increase your productivity while working from home

How do you increase your productivity while working from home? That's the question many of us have asked ourselves lately. It can be tough, but there are some tips that will help you focus more on what you need to do and less on the distractions around your house. In this blog post I'll share with you some of my favorite ways to stay productive when working from home.


A Remote Work Chat: Why Collaborative Working is the Future

In an increasingly digital world, more and more people are choosing to work from remote locations. While this is a very attractive proposition for some employees, it does have its challenges in terms of productivity. So, what steps should you take to create a successful virtual work environment?


How Virtual Co-Working Sessions Increase Productivity

As a remote worker, do you sometimes feel like your productivity is challenged, or like it's difficult to focus? Virtual co-working sessions are the perfect solution. They allow you to work simultaneously with other remote workers while interacting in a shared virtual community. Here are four reasons why these sessions are ideal for your productivity: