Our promise to you

No matter the stage you are in your business, routines are critical to your success.

Not only in terms of profit but also the quality of life outside of work!

When you have solid routines to accomplish your goals at work, you can take better care of yourself and fit in more time for the people and activities that bring you pure joy.

Of course, I hope you love what you do for work.


I threw $ down the drain

Have you ever thrown thousands of dollars down the drain?

Early in my business, I invested in a course for $2,500.

I binged the content for about a week and logged back in once or twice, only to leave some info unwatched, unread, and left on the shelf.

Now and then, I think about why I did not consume all of the course content and follow through....


Want to mastermind?

I remember my first business mastermind experience. There were about 30 participants and three hot seat opportunities.

We dove into marketing strategies to help each person on the hot seat, and I can still picture myself bouncing out of my seat with excitement as the energy and ideas began to flow.

I loved the give-and-take flow of creative solutions to help improve other people's businesses. I also loved how this process sparked so many ideas for my business!

I met some interesting people who all thrived in this setting and enjoyed getting to know others from the group.


Is this a good fit for you?

Yesterday I discussed my newest group program, The Circle, and shared the nuts and bolts.

Is this a good fit for you?


Get off the shelf

You probably already embrace the notion that work can be enjoyable, rewarding, and give you purpose even if you don't go into the office or work 9 to 5 every day.

You've likely already ditched the "this is how I've always done things" mindset.

Now it's time to embrace the possibility that you can make an impact working from home (or anywhere) within your zone of genius when and where you want using my signature -ATE Method.

You can earn an income that suits your desired lifestyle.


Focus on what you do best.

If you've heard me speak, you likely heard me share my Signature -ATE Method.

Focus on what you do best.

Automate, delegate, and eliminate the rest.

A seemingly straightforward strategy until you go to implement it, and then you start to think about each component and how it fits into your work and your life, and that's where the overwhelm starts to mount.


Does your work bring you joy?

Some of us gain joy directly from our work.

Some of us know that our business/job is the tool that allows us to follow their joy.

Some of us are lucky, and the answer is both!

A central part of my mission is to help you reimagine work to find joy..


I Quit!

I have helped multiple clients create a realistic exit plan from their 9 to 5 grind to transition to entrepreneurship.

Reimagining work means different things to everyone. For some, it's gaining a flexible schedule in their current role. For others, it's moving from where they are to doing completely different work that lights a fire in their belly.

I have helped several clients create and implement plans to reimagine work to improve their quality of life at work and at home.


Create your signature speech

I''m sharing stories about some of my client's experiences and often change names to maintain confidentiality. Today I'm talking about "Ella," who wanted to increase her visibility through speaking on podcasts and presenting in groups where her ideal clients already hang out.

The only problem was that she needed to determine what she wanted to speak about during her talk.


Feeling frazzled, and overcommitted?

I'm sharing stories about some of my client's experiences and often change names to maintain confidentiality. Today I'm talking about "Tabitha," who came to me frazzled and in tears, overwhelmed and over-committed.

She works full-time, builds her own business "on the side," volunteers, spends much of her free time caring for her nephews and helping her family, and is dating.

Tabitha struggles with prioritizing her time, avoiding burnout, and feeling inadequate and anxious when she doesn't accomplish her daily goals.


Overcoming mindset roadblocks

I'm sharing stories about some of my client's experiences and often change names to maintain confidentiality. Today I'm talking about "Ann," who came to me unemployed, feeling defeated, and searching for her next job.

She knew she wanted to find something 100% remote, earn $80-100k annually, get health benefits, and do something meaningful.


Map out your niche, offers, and pricing

It's time to wake up motivated and inspired instead of just going through the motions.

You can find joy and success on your terms and still do meaningful work, and I'd love to help you make it happen.

​You can have the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere, doing what you do best.


Writing your goals + accountability makes you 75% more likely to meet your goals!

How would you like to be 75% more successful in reaching your weekly goals?

When you write your goals down and have accountability, you are 75% more likely to meet your goals!

That's why we offer weekly goal-setting sessions in The Zone Community hosted by Sondra Brooks Ray, Goal Accountability Coach.

We kick our week off strong by setting weekly goals, and we also review our plans from the previous week to apply the lessons learned and celebrate the wins!


Erin's Confession

Instead of starting 2023 with a bang, Erin's started it like an emo teenager with a serious case of the (perpetual) Mondays.

Right before Christmas, she was excited about getting two solid weeks of vacation and not opening her computer again until 2023.

Good news, she stuck to that. Except for a podcast interview and coffee with a friend. But she can honestly say she didn't do any work on the computer.

Erin didn't consider that because she was taking her kids on a mini ski getaway and her husband to a mini-getaway and NBA game, she wouldn't get the rest and reset that she was expecting...and that she desperately needed.

Can you relate?


Meet Haley Lynn Gray, Founder of the Women’s Entrepreneur Network

Haley is joining me in The Zone this Friday, January 13, at 2 PM EST for a power hour co-working session to kick off your 2023 goals.

Haley Lynn Gray founded the Women's Entrepreneur Network with the radical notion that women can harness their unique power and skills to become highly effective leaders and business owners.

She is the best-selling author of Leadership Girl, Fearless Marketing, and a graduate of Duke's Fuqua School of Business with an MBA with a concentration in entrepreneurship and Innovation. She has experience starting up successful small businesses, growing them, then selling them.


My Test Project As A Ghostwriter

Monday in The Zone, something interesting, fun, and spontaneous happened.

One of our members, Adina Edelman, was focused on a line edit and realized that she still had a LinkedIn Post to write with only about 30 minutes left to work.

Always wanting to help, I offered to write her post.


Don’t Skip Your Honeymoon

Today is my wedding anniversary.

It brings back memories, of course. Particularly how I planned my wedding in six weeks, although we had been engaged for about eight months by the time we said, "I Do."

We only took one day off from work after our wedding.


Overcome procrastination and try the 5-minute rule

During Friday's co-working session, several of us found that rather than working on what we had to accomplish for our approaching deadlines, we were working on other, less urgent tasks. Still getting things done, but just not "the" thing we needed to accomplish.

Why procrastinate on your priority?


FAQs about The Zone Community

You have questions… We have answers!

What is virtual coworking?

Virtual coworking provides you with the opportunity to work from anywhere alongside other like-minded professionals for accountability, enhanced focus, collaboration, networking, and social interaction.


MORE freedom, flexibility, support, and joy are a click away

Hi, I’m Pam! Founder of The Zone Community.

I used to wake up, get dressed in business suits or bleh blouses and slacks, painful shoes, and rush out the door with a 45-90 minute commute (depending on the day and destination) to get to work as early as possible (usually 7 am) so I could focus and work through lunch to leave ASAP. I was in a hurry to put in my eight hours so I could make it home in time to make dinner and eat it with my daughter so I could see her beautiful face awake for more than 1 hour per day.

Fast-forward and my work-life balance is completely different now!